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Hump/spiration: 12.02.2015

Posted on Dec 2, 2015

Hump/spiration is a weekly post to help get you through the mid-week moping. Featuring fresh designs every Wednesday to help draw out your creative inspiration and liberate you from the mundane!

BLAST: Ken Block

presented by NOWNESS
a film by Jim Mangan
Utah Desert

The majority of car videos wouldn’t qualify for the Hump/spiration category, but BLAST: Ken Block is an exception. The cinematographic style moves this short film beyond the label of a car video–into an art film. The use of slow motion and the concentration of capturing the environment (opposed to just the car) are used to great affect. Combined with the color grading and soundtrack, this film portrays the jagged landscape and engulfing dust clouds in eerie perfection.

BLAST, a book of photographs by Jim Mangan, is now available from Dashwood Books.

  • BLAST: Ken Block 01
  • BLAST: Ken Block 02
  • BLAST: Ken Block 03
  • BLAST: Ken Block 04
  • BLAST: Ken Block 05
  • BLAST: Ken Block 06
  • BLAST: Ken Block 07
  • BLAST: Ken Block 08
  • BLAST: Ken Block 09
  • BLAST: Ken Block 10
  • BLAST: Ken Block 11

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