WLDRNSS is the showcase of freelance creative, Brandon Russell. Based in the Denver metro region of Colorado, he is available for hire across the globe.

Project Details
Client: Lockheed Martin & Manmade Media
Role: Editor
Category: Video Production
Mechanisms: Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects

Facing setbacks with their in-house production team, I was brought on to get this campaign of three videos back on deadline to help secure the The National Team’s (led by Blue Origin and including Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman and Draper) progress on their bid for NASA’s Human Landing System (HLS).

Lockheed Martin has been proving the ascent element’s readiness with more than a dozen developmental tests, including the Rendezvous, Proximity Operations & Docking (RPOD) demo seen here, which uses flight-proven Orion software to autonomously mate the ascent and descent elements of HLS.